We take care of the start-up of the accounting and its correct follow-up.

Accounting and tax advice

Legal and administrative advice

Accounting and tax advice
  • Advice on all aspects of both areas.
  • Treatment of accounting and preparation of accounting statements.
  • Writing reports, cost studies and budgets.
  • Preparation of quarterly and annual tax declaration and settlement models (I.V.A., I.R.P.F., etc.).
  • Preparation of Corporate Tax and payments on account thereof.
  • Legalization of Books and Deposit of Accounts before the Mercantile Registry.
  • Advice and assistance to tax reviews and inspections, and study and preparation of resources.
  • Accounting and preparation of the Report of Non-Profit Entities (associations, clubs, foundations, etc.)
Legal and administrative advice
  • Advice on how to carry out the activity.
  • Incorporation of companies or other legal forms.
  • Advice on transfer contracts.
  • Advice on lease contracts.
  • Jurisdictional Order.
  • Administrative processing (licences, gauging, claim forms, etc.)
  • Preparation and management of deeds of change of address, administrators, corporate purpose, etc.
  • Advice and administrative management of Non-Profit Entities (associations, clubs, foundations, etc.)


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We provide you advise on the start-up of your activity, recommending the legal form and carrying out the appropriate procedures for it


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    We adapt to the circumstances of each client, through personalized treatment. A professional and effective management with comprehensive advice, which allows providing solutions while guaranteeing the best result.


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